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The meeting of tradition and innovation.
The deep connection between memory and experimentation.The expression of creativity,
experience, scientific research.

It was born from the harmony of two brilliant minds: the Cesaro brothers.
Perseverance and positive thinking have always distinguished them.
A leitmotiv binds them: the passion for this work.


On the slopes of the Picentini
Mountains, Giuseppe Cesaros factory opens

In Montecorvino Rovella (SA), a small family-run business has its roots, specializing in the manufacture of mattresses, mainly with springs and wool.
At that time, the average daily production was close to 20 units, industrial machinery was scarce and manual skills were essential in the processes.


The corporate metamorphosis and

The company shows significant growth, increasing the number of employees and production capacity.
Industrial automation brings numerous advantages by optimizing manufacturing activities: the company
manages to generate 100 units per day. Nothing to envy to the competitors in the sector, fully satisfying the
market demand.


The 3 EMME ECO COMFORT brand is born

Giuseppe Cesaro senses the changes in the market and discovers the need to create a clear and
recognizable brand identity. 3 EMME ECO COMFORT mattresses go beyond national borders, entering
bedrooms throughout Europe.


The ITALIAN BEDS brand is born

The exclusivity of the fabrics, materials, embroidery and seams offer an important added value, especially in
foreign markets. You need to stand out, not get confused. Therefore, the company presents a new look, with
a universal character, without affecting its identity. The launch of a new brand represents the moment in
which the shape changes, but not the substance. The modus operandi is transformed, focusing not only on
quality in the choice of raw materials, but also on production differentiation and diversification.


What lies behind the design of the ITALIAN
BEDS logo?

It is a young family artist, who attends a Salerno art high school, to give it life.
Intuition, curiosity and ingenuity push him to try his hand at designing and developing a sensational logo.
The blue color of the sky and the sea evokes the effect of harmony, relaxation, tranquility and comfort.
A combination of imagination and genius leads to its conception: two letters, that is the initials of the brand,
upside down and rounded, shape a bed, from which the inspiration is born.


Never stop dreaming

ITALIAN BEDS produces up to 600 units of product per day, customizing the range according to different
needs and collaborating with both Italian and foreign designers, experts in the sector.
It aims high, with the aim of expanding the offer, through a complete, regenerating and wellness oriented
bed system.
The opening to new horizons pushes ITALIAN BEDS more and more towards internationalization processes, to
consolidate its presence in foreign markets and to discover other adventurous opportunities.


New Start in Australia

in Australia started in 2022. We were really excited to expand our horizons in a beautiful country like Australia and add fine Italian craftsmanship to its culture.
We were welcomed with open arms as we inaugurated our first showroom in Osborne Park.
The journey so far has been simply magical and we are hoping to receive the love manifold in the future.
We welcome all to be a part of this magical movement by being valued customers and members of our Italian Beds family. Check out our amazing and luxurious WA-made sleep maker and simply the best mattresses. And not to miss out – THE ITALIAN PILLOWS – is a must-see and try. They come in various categories – ALOE, ORANGE, WATER GEL and not to forget – SOUND PILLOWS, with very soothing speakers inside the pillow COME AND EXPERIENCE THE ART OF SLEEP WITH ITALIAN BEDS AUSTRALIA!


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